Does your cat need you?

Does your cat need you?

According to the latest study, (yes, yet another study on cats) cats do not need their humans to feel safe. They can take care of themselves pretty much, and that’s something we all know. Your feline is no doggo. You cannot make them go for walks and you cannot stop them from lounging on your laptop. Your cat is the master, not you like we have been saying all this time. Your kitty cat is the boss, you are his butler, you provide food and cuddles, not necessarily a sense of security. I mean, you can’t even hunt! Tsk tsk…

But does that mean your cat doesn’t need you?

Aww, don’t shed your tears yet. Cat Curio’s research and intelligence team conclude that there are plenty of clues to determine that the domestic cat, indeed, needs its human for reasons other than food & shelter.

Clue no. 1

He waits for you to come home. Your cat can sniff your presence from a mile away, and readily waits at the door by the time you open it and enter the house, just to spend some quality time with you and show you how much he has missed you.

Clue no. 2

Your cat keeps rubbing against your legs and finds it comforting to sit next to you. Cats are solitary creatures and doesn’t let others invade their privacy. It must find your agreeable enough to have bodily contact with you. It may not let you pet it all the time, but it does curl up next to you more than often.

Clue no. 3

When the cat sweetly purrs and exposes its belly for you, it’s the happiest moment for a cat owner. It may not be the invite to rub its belly that you have been waiting for, but research says that a cat exposing its belly shows that he trusts you. There you are, taking baby steps towards the heaven of cat love.

Clue no. 4

It may be surprising to you, but cats mostly meow for humans. They don’t communicate with each other through verbalization. Your cat meows when he wants your attention, or food, or playtime or treats. Whatever it is, it’s your private bonding time with your cat and he meows only for you, so cherish it.

Clue no. 5

Cats purr when they are happy or content. If your cat is purring louuuudly, it’s probably because you have made him very happy with frequent cuddles and a nice cozy bed. However, don’t get your hopes up yet, it may also mean that your cat is in heat and wants to mate with the neighbor’s beautiful Ragdoll. If you didn’t get your cat spayed yet, then whether those purrs are for you is something that remains inconclusive.

Clue no. 6

Head bonks are the biggest clue to your cat’s affections. If you’re among the lucky few whose cats wake them up every morning with those sweet little head bonks, then you have nothing to complain to the feline god about.

Clue no. 7

Have you noticed what your cat does when you take a shower? He either enters the shower with you to keep a vigil on you or sits outside the bathroom and meows endlessly. He does all of these to protect you from the evil wet thing called ‘water’. You don’t know the ways of the world, trust your housecat to teach you.

Clue no. 8

Have you found dead animals on your porch? Has your indoor cat ever thrown his toy mouse onto your plate? Your cat thinks that you need to improve your elementary hunting skills and is, therefore, bringing you ‘food’.

Clue no. 9

Cats are nocturnal creatures. When everyone in the house sleeps, their adventurous instinct kicks in. They usually play, chase against invisible apparitions you'd rather not know about, hunt insects, play with their toys and finally cuddle up next to you or near your bed and go to sleep. Even indoor-outdoor cats return to their beloved humans after an action-packed night of hunting and other activities.

Clue no. 10

They feel protective about you and your home. They won’t guard your house as a dog does, but they are vigilant creatures who will alert you in their own ways if something is amiss. You may wake up to find your cat sitting right on top of you, asserting his ownership of you.

Yes, the internet studies are gloomy and dark but you have plenty, at least 8 reasons to be happy for now. Your cat needs you and it’s not only for food or shelter. Although he may not agree to going for a walkout or pose for Instagram videos, but he genuinely enjoys your company. To enjoy more playtime with your cat, try any of our curated cat-toys.


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