Do cats actually love their owners?

Do cats actually love their owners?

They do and they show it in a manner very different from dogs. But to better understand their loving ways, cat owners need to understand a lot about cats first. Let’s begin with an interesting fact – did you know, cats don’t see us humans, they just see us as other cats. It’s very easy to observe actually, notice that when a dog sees a human, it reacts very differently than it would upon seeing another dog. Cats on the other hand greet, react & play with humans just as they would with other cats.

Even if they did see us as humans, they do not change their behaviour & social interactions for us. Many studies have shown that they even use body language & signs to tell us things, just like they would with other cats. So, if you knew what to look for, you will know that your cat loves you to bits and keeps letting you know about it, but you just don’t know how they’re doing so. Fortunately for you, we’re going to highlight 3 of the known signs’ cats use to say ‘I love you’ to their human parents.

1. The cat kiss.

Slow blinking is one definitive way cats use to express their love to other cats. They also use this method to convey affection with humans. Don’t believe us? Observe your cat the next time you’re petting him/her.  They will make those adorable eyes at you and blink much slower than they usually do. That’s an ‘I love you’ in cat language! Make sure you return the gesture to let your cat know you love them too. It’s a proven method some vets and cat experts use - they blink slowly to help scared or timid cats, as it tells the cat that they mean no harm. As far as cat owner tips go, this is one of the most loving one ever!

2. Rolling over and showing you their belly.

Your cat ever just plopped on their back and showed you that cute little tummy? Well, that’s a sign that they are happy that you’re here and that they are extremely relaxed around you. However, a lot of cat owners try giving their cat’s a little tummy rub when they roll over but only manage to get swatted at for doing so. And that’s right, cats actually do that - they get onto their backs ever so cutely to express their affection toward you, but will also swat you if you try to touch their belly. It’s weird, but it’s true and we’ve explained it all here.

3. Bunting.

You see this with cats – they bunt their heads into people, other cats and objects. Most of the cat owners would assume that this is just a sign they want to be petted but there’s much more to it. When cats bunt their cheeks and heads on you, they also leave behind they scent to make you their territory. They only do this to things/people/other cats/pets they love.

    Other ways cats show their love for you include scratching, purring, sleeping on you, gifting you things, etc. See any of these things and you can rest assured that your cat’s really saying they love you. And you can return the gesture by blinking back slowly or buying them one of the many amazing cat products we have on our website.

    Hope this has been a fun read and we hope you have a PAWsome day ahead!


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