Differences Between Cat People and Dog People!

Differences Between Cat People and Dog People!

The question for today is, are you a cat person or a dog person? A lot can be known about your personality by gaining an insight into whether you are a cat person or a dog person. 

Let us find out something about the personality of a person from his or her choice of a cat or a dog. Some differences are hey given below.

  • Cat people are found to be more intelligent than dog people because cats or felines are far more intelligent and sharper than dogs, and they never let you forget this. 
  • Dog loving people are more social and extrovert than cat people. Usually, it is seen that dog lovers are friendlier, more outgoing, and people loving than cat lovers. Cat lovers prefer to be alone, just like their cats. Also, dog lovers are then more confident and rather dominating than cat people. 
  • Cat people are prone to neurotic disorders more than dog people. Cat lovers often incline towards more anxiety issues and other neurological issues as against dog people. So, cat lovers need to keep a pet to have a constant companion for soothing their mental health issues. 
  • Cat people are more inclined towards living alone in the apartment rather than the dog people. Almost one-third of the cat owners live alone and twice more are likely to live in an apartment rather than a house as against the dog owners. Also, it is found that single women like to own cats.

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  •  Dog people are likely to be more conservative than the cat people because a dog strongly relates to those who have traditional values. Also, dog owners are generally more obedient to the rules and hardly try to break them. Whereas cat lovers tend to be freethinkers.
  • Cat people have an open-minded attitude rather than dog people. Cat lovers are usually less conservative, highly imaginative, very creative, dangerously adventurous, and hold unconventional beliefs. In contrast, the dog owners are very much like their dogs who believe in anything and everything that one tells them.
  • Dog people are less sensitive than cat people. Cat lovers show a sign of high sensitivity during specific kinds of events happening around them.
  • The dog people look more masculine than the cat people. It is a general belief and also seen many times that all dogs impersonate men and cats impersonate females. One even tends to think in terms like -a dog means he and cats are she. It so happens that even if the dog owners who are the owners of both the male and female of a dog would like to think of themselves as more masculine, then most of the cat owners. 
  • A quite common scenario is that dog people cannot tolerate cats and vice versa. Some people who love both dogs and cats are called bi-petals. These people have personalities almost the same as those of the dog owners. It is also seen that the dog owners can think of owning a cat, but at the same time, the cat owners cannot think of owning a dog.  
  • Interestingly enough, Dog people as against the cat people have an entirely different sense of humor. While the cat people enjoy more sophisticated and ironic humor that has a smart wordplay, the dog people open laugh at jokes on the farts and videos of people who accidentally hurt themselves. 

  • Also, cat people seem to be more independent than dog owners. Though the dog owners are more friendly and obedient, they are very dependent on their pets emotionally as well as socially. But the cat owners have a mind of their own much like their cats. 
  • Dog people seek companionship while the cat people look out for affection. The dog lovers usually want a four-legged little buddy or a friend that will play and run with them while the cat owners will want something soft that will rub against them and purr and knead their paws on them and curl near them in a soft, warm furry ball. 

  • It is seen that cat lovers are more creative than dog lovers. Dog lovers prefer to watch action movies and travel and indulge in more physical activities like dancing, running, exercising, and yoga. The cat lovers tend to enjoy more indoor activities like watching documentaries or watching a musical movie or reading books or Gardening.

All said and done. We can conclude from the above instances that people who call themselves or would like to be known as dog lovers are more lively, energetic, and outgoing and tend to follow the rules very carefully. In contrast, cat lovers are very introverted though more open-minded and highly sensitive as against dog lovers. 

This cat versus dog debate has been going on for centuries. Even in ancient times, some people loved cats more than dogs. There are shreds of evidence about this fact in many ancient scriptures all over the world. However, dogs have got their share of recognition as a sign of good omen as well as carriers of calamity.


We can never really pinpoint somebody's choice of a pet, and it is not at all necessary that the choice of the pet will tell us something about the personality or lifestyle of its owner. It is for having fun that we people try to decipher different meanings from the choice of pets. So enjoy your pets, irrespective of a cat or a dog. Love them and respect them for what they are. 



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