Celebrate being a crazy cat lady in 10 completely sane ways

Celebrate being a crazy cat lady in 10 completely sane ways

Hey, all of you Crazy Cat Ladies out there…. Its time to shout out loud and admit the truth that yes, "I am a 'Crazy Cat Lady!"

Crazy Cat Lady – What does that mean?

A Crazy Cat Lady refers to any older single woman who replaces personal or social relationships as well as any human interaction with a feline companion. This preference can be by circumstances or by choice. 

Some people in this world believe that such cat crazy ladies may have lost their minds. But a great variety of writers, artists, and celebrities have dared to challenge these Crazy Cat Lady stereotypes while embracing the term, which means more of an animal lover or an animal rescuer as one who cares for one or multiple cats. And yes, they all are psychologically healthy. 

Founder of National Cat Lady Day

A CatCon Creator by the name of Susan Michaels founded the Day to mark and emphasize the importance of a Modern Crazy Cat Lady. She believes that such a lady does not need a furry feline to define her, nor she want the world to know her by how many cats she has. She would rather be known as an independent and powerful yet a caring human.

Some crazy signs to know a crazy cat lady

 A crazy cat lady would love to have more than a dozen cats as against 2 to 3 for other people. Remember Freddie Mercury from the band – Queen, he too adored cats and had lots of them.

Some ladies have accepted their cat lady status and love that badge of honor on them, yet they don't know why people call them so?

Find out what Modern Cat Magazine has to say about cat ladies >>>

Let's have a look at some tell-tale signs which can identify a crazy cat lady – 

  • A lady has a lint roller for every room, in her car, in her purse plus two more at her mom's place.
  • Her official daily tagline can be "Litter box first and Coffee second." 
  • Her profile pic always has her cat in different get-ups and surroundings, though she doesn't have her recent profile pic.
  • Her cat has its hashtag.
  • Her cat has a leash that is bedazzled.
  • She will rank her favorite celebrities only by the cuteness of their cats.
  • Her friends have given her only cat-themed gifts from the past several years.
  • She Facetimes with her cat
  • Her App called White Noise has a 'Purr" setting if she must go out of the station for some days.

And so on. There are so many such examples of pure and divine love for cats. Crazy Cat Lady loves its cats over themselves.

Celebration Time!!

Crazy Cat Ladies are labeled as old maids - a spinster who wears frocks with loose sweaters doesn't go out with anybody except their cats. Its high time people change their notion about Crazy Cat Ladies. The world should come to know that they are just ladies who care more for their feline family members. That's all!

Such a fierce love along with dedication for our furry friends calls for a celebration!!

There has to be no other better day than the National Cat Lady Day to celebrate the undying love for the cat and spend the whole day as a cat lady in a cat lady way.


Listed below are ten most sane ways to celebrate as a Crazy Cat Lady Day – 

  1. Start your mornings with your right paw while doing cat yoga with it. Just don't pose like a downward-facing dog.
  2. Getting a huff of your cat's fluff as cats smell good.  
  3. Have a Cat Face Mug full of 'Cat-purr-cino,' just before your cat steals a sip from it, maybe because she likes caffeine.
  4. The most fashionable women Elizabeth Taylor, Demi Moore, and Vivien Leigh, were cat ladies.
  5. Set a dance routine with your cat and choreograph some dance moves to show off.
  6. Blow some bubbles with your cat as your loves bubbles. Catnip bubbles, right?
  7. Its paw-ty time! Put on the best purr-ty dress and celebrate with your cat ladies' friends.
  8. If you want the world to know who you are and who are your cats, then flood your Facebook your Instagram and your Twitter with one of the million photos of your cat (of course with you).
  9. You are a cat lady without a cat, don't nibble your paws off. Instead, visit a local cat shelter or a cat cafe and pet some cats! Seriously, you won't regret it. Kitties are always looking out for some good company and who is better than you.
  10. Wear that Caturday T-shirt and drink some wine with your cat. How about a selfie with cat-wine!

Treat yourself on a National Cat Lady Day if you are a cat lady and an object of cat obsession. Say cheers to a day full of celebration as you both deserve it!


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