Cat Screaming — What It Sounds Like and What It Means

Cat Screaming — What It Sounds Like and What It Means

To, The cat owner who is scared by her cat’s scream…
Are you now surprised that your cat screamed aloud that you're startled and shocked enough to jump out? 

You are surely not alone. All cat owners are just frightened when their feline friends suddenly start screaming at anything. It can scare you to death and haunt you from keeping the cuddly cute cats with you if they have screamed to the highest degree.
You may not be able to forget her face with extended claws and bared fangs while her eyes were ferociously topped with her high-pitched scream that pierced through your ears.

To, The lucky cat parents who have no idea of your cat’s scream

What does a cat scream sound like?

If you are that one lucky cat parent, yet to hear your cat scream, then enjoy this blessing, and here is how a cat will sound when it screams. If you have been to a house that was abandoned for a long time or a haunted house you have perhaps seen in a movie, recall the shrieking sound of ghouls that jump out of nowhere all of a sudden.
You can imagine your cat's scream to be something like a human scream but with a more urgent and desperate tone.

But why does any cat scream?

Well, they are animals with emotions like humans in certain ways. Like how human beings have different reasons for screaming, cats scream mostly due to one of the following reasons

1.     Fear
She might have screamed at another cat or person when she wanted to be defensive against some danger that she sensed. It is a warning to keep someone or something away from her to feel more secure.
Make her feel safer by keeping those things/people away from her.

2.     Health issues
Sometimes your cat is through unbearable pain or some sort of illness that is unnoticed. Especially, issues related to her urinary tract and kidney may cause severe discomfort to her.
So, pay attention and take her to the vet to identify what disease she may be suffering from.

3.     Confusion
Well, due to aging cats may feel frustrated and scream at times. They may also have dementia as a result of which they cannot differentiate between frustration and fright. Try to comfort her by taking things slowly and engaging her by playing or cool outdoors that she may enjoy.

4.     Hormones
If you have not neutered or spayed, your cat may scream during her heat cycles. These hormonal changes occur while she is looking out for mates.
So, spaying/neutering your cat will reduce such screams.

5.     Distress
Sometimes, your cat may get all worked up due to getting locked somewhere by accident. So, she may reach out to rescue her by screaming.
Happy cattying… kudos 😊



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