Cat Scooting — Why It Happens and What to Do?

Cat Scooting — Why It Happens and What to Do?

Did you just come across your cat rubbing her bottom against your carpet? Or you caught her butt-dragging on your rug? 
Typically, what you have witnessed is termed as “Cat scooting”. Just so you know, for the new cat parents or those of you who are seeing your cat doing this for the first time, don’t worry. This is a common issue. 
Well, you might be aware of the term “Scoot”. Therefore, cat scooting is nothing but a cat sliding over something in the sitting pose. In other words, butt-dragging! You may catch your cat in this funny action. It would seem weird at first but beware it may also indicate a health issue.

Why does a cat scoot? Here are 3 main reasons

  1. Allergy
If your cat came in contact with some unlikely environment or intake of allergic food may cause these reactions due to itchy skin.
  1. Parasites
Sometimes, there is a possibility of the presence of worms like Tapeworms in your cat. You may notice it in her poop. The presence of other parasites can also lead to similar issues. 
  1. Anal Gland issues

The anus region of a cat has two small internal sacs that produce a pungent liquid that is released when the cat defecates. Inflammation in this sac may cause trouble and lead to cat scooting. Clogging may also happen and cause pain.
These are the prime reasons why cats may scoot.

These are not specific to any cat breed and hence all cats are vulnerable to this condition.

So, what should you do when your cat scoots?

Firstly, lift the tail and check her anus part. If her skin has dried feces or other irritants, it may also cause her to scoot. Try to clear her skin and disinfect it.
But if you do not notice any such visible sign, then she has to be examined by the vet right away. So, book an appointment with your veterinarian and check her up completely. 

Before visiting the vet, keep a track of new things you may have let your feline get in contact with. Like a new toy or some new food. These perks will help your vet to diagnose quickly and save your kitty from more pain and provide fast medication.
Happy cat parenting and kudos…. 😊


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