Cat Cuddles — What to Know About Your Kitty’s Snuggling Habits

Cat Cuddles — What to Know About Your Kitty’s Snuggling Habits

Hey cat lover!
This is something that every cat parent will enjoy. Cat cuddling. Sometimes you may have to pau(w)se your favorite movie or allow her some room between you and your favorite book. It is similar to the energy-boosting hugs we might need from our parents or friends at times when we feel low.
But have you ever wondered why your kitties snuggle? Here are some reasons why they like to cuddle.

Snuggle for warmth

Your meow mates are striving for warm surroundings. That is why they sneak into a corner or cover themselves with a cloth lying on the floor. To maintain their body temperature, cuddling against you or another furry friend is their easy way out.

Snuggle for safety

To reassure themselves of being in a safe, protective environment, they may wish to rub against you and snuggle on your lap. It is an inborn instinct they have since birth. These puffy pals are sometimes in need of your shelter to feel secure.

Snuggle for bonding

What more can a warm hug or a soft cuddle mean if not affection? Yay… your feline friend is trying to bond with you, showing her love for you and wants your nearness. While she is purring all the time, she does have some time for bonding with you by curling herself against you and cuddling with you like your favorite innocent fur-ball.
Now, for those who say, “I am sorry, I don’t know which cat animal you are talking about. Coz my cat is not a fan of snuggling, she is grown up now”.

Well, not all cats like to cuddle. In fact, kitties are more prone to snuggling than cats. For adult cats to cuddle, they must have had a social childhood. The personalities of the grownup cats are strongly influenced by their initial childhood period.
It is also widely observed that only certain cat breeds prefer cuddling over the others. Like the Persian, Ragdolls for instance.
So, be happy to give your cat a warm space when she needs you to cuddle her, and do not go curious like your cat if she doesn’t like snuggling. After all, we know that she is a finicky feline.

Now, go grab your cat and cuddle her to spoil yourself more…😊


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