Can Cats Eat Chocolate? What to Know About Cats and Chocolate Toxicity?

Can Cats Eat Chocolate? What to Know About Cats and Chocolate Toxicity?

Are you hosting a party and want to sneak your cat with a sweet chocolate treat? Do you want your cat to enjoy relishing your favorite dark chocolate with you? Are you confused about feeding your kitty with a piece of chocolate?

Well, as a matter of fact, chocolates are not good for your cat’s health! Yes, cats do not have the sweet receptors in their tongue to taste the sweetness in anything. So also, their metabolism and natural digestion cannot take chocolates in.



Why is Chocolate toxic to cats?

More than being unhealthy, feeding a chocolate spoiler can be toxic because they cause alarming health effects on your cats. Chocolates are generally rich in caffeine and a chemical compound called theobromine. A high concentration of these ingredients may lead to toxic effects.

The content of these ingredients may vary depending on the type of chocolate like dark, white, milk, and so on. From two to 24 hours of the consumption of chocolate, based on the quantity consumed by your kitty, she may exhibit the following clinical signs


1.     Vomiting

2.     Diarrhea

3.     Decreased Appetite

4.     Excitability

5.     High temperature

6.     Seizures

7.     Rapid breathing

In some severe cases, it may also lead to cardiac arrest or coma. 



Is there a safe amount or type of chocolate for cats?

You may want to spoil your cute kitty with a sweet treat, but chocolates are not a recommendable or safe choice. Still, white chocolate is the least toxic but should be fed only in little amounts.

Apart from these “methylxanthines”, there is fat and sugar in these candies that make it farther from a safe choice of sneaks for your favorite furry feline. These heavy fat component bars are attracting your cat.


What to do if my cat ate chocolate?

Firstly, remove other chocolates from her reach, and prevent her from eating more of them. Then, try to see if you can take the chocolate off her mouth in case you see the chocolate. If she has already swallowed it, try to know what type of chocolate and how much she has consumed.

Book an appointment and rush her to the vet immediately. Based on your cat’s health and situation, your vet may.



How to stop my kitty from reaching a candy then?

The simplest step is to keep chocolates and candies completely out of her reach. At times, due to her curiosity to taste/smell, she may gulp a few ounces of chocolate into her mouth. So, the best way is to keep her away from these.


Name your kitty  choco, but do not feed your choco chocolate…! She is happy with her catnips so let her be ... :P :D Catty Choco cheers…. 😊

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