Can Cats Eat Bacon? Get the Facts

Can Cats Eat Bacon? Get the Facts

You must be knowing that your cat companion is an obligate carnivore. So, they need meat for their survival. But is bacon necessary for your cat? Can your cat eat bacon?

What is Bacon?

Pork or Pig meat that is taken from its belly is called bacon. Ham is also a slice of pork that is derived from its loin.

Can you feed your cats with bacon?

Technically yes, but you should be wary of the quantity. Yes, your cat needs meat but bacon, unlike other types of meat, is rich in fat and salt. This high sodium content in any pet food, especially in feline’s diet may lead to the following health ailments:

  1. High BP
  2. Obesity
  3. Dehydration
  4. Clogged Blood Vessels
  5. Diarrhea
  6. Vomiting 

Your sensitive kitty would grow old and start leading a dormant life as it grows old. Her playtime and energy to hunt will reduce. Eventually, her energy needs and digestive metabolism will decrease. So, you do not want to feed her a heavy diet or fat content food that will bother her stomach.

Then how about Turkey bacon or bacon bits?

Well, no bacon does well to your feline. Be it in bits or natural or artificial, they are all basically rich in sodium and hence an unfavorable choice for your feline.
You can use bacon or bits of ham to cheat your cat and feed her meds. Otherwise, giving it even as a treat to your kitty is not a good spoiler.

Plan her diet right and feed her the best. Happy cat parenting…😊


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