Awww Meow dear kitty, why are you sad?

5 Signs Your Cat Is Depressed & How To Help

All kinds of relationships in the world face a certain amount of strain at some point in time. It only takes maturity and understanding to resolve issues. The same is the case between a pet and their owners. The humans need more understanding and clarity towards knowing what their cat is trying to convey. There are times when the cat can be upset or depressed, and because they are a proud species, this can lead to drastic effects in their day to day behavioral patterns.

It is imperative for the owners to try and contemplate such changes in behavior and act accordingly to make things right for the cat. There are multiple things that one can notice in a cat’s mannerisms, ranging from vocal aspects to physical ones.

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Here is a comprehensive list of possible signs that indicate depression or resentment in cats:


1) I am upset, my dear hoooooooommmaaaannnn!

Cats have multiple ways of communication. Usually, when they mew, it means that they are trying to talk to humans with a positive mindset. But when they start yowling, it is a sign that something is not right with them. Cats yowl as it is their way of expressing their disagreement or denial about something that bothers them. It could be a certain toy that you bring for your cat or could be an unknown person walking into its space. Cats are very closed animals who care the most for their space. Intrusion into their area could result in direct resentment and thus lead to long and loud yowls. So, owners need to be careful that their cat’s space is never breached.


2) I just had a long sleep, but I am going to sleep some more!

Cats sleep for long hours, followed by eating, grooming, exploring, and sleeping again. But sometimes, this routine can be disrupted if you find your cat sleeping for longer hours and gradually resorting to sleeping more than doing anything else. This is a clear sign of something wrong with their mood. One of the possible reasons for this to happen is because your cat has lost interest, or is bored with things. This makes them lazy and they sleep for longer than usual. And as an effect of excess sleep, their natural ability to be curious and to run around and explore can be hampered. The moment they move away from their natural ways, it is a red flag that indicates a serious depression in their minds. Therefore, owners need to keep their cats engaged at all times in case the pet begins to show signs of boredom.

3) I love to groom and groom and only groom!!

Every cat owner knows how much their pet loves to groom itself all day long. This practice is in fact a good one too. But sometimes cats may groom themselves more than usual, causing unnecessary skin problems. As owners, we may not realize that this particular habit of excessive grooming may have been happening due to mental disturbance of some kind. The depression can make them feel vulnerable and thus make them extra keen on cleaning themselves. It can be simply understood as a fear that drives them to take extra care of themselves. In such situations, you must take your cat to the vet for physical check-ups as well as mental check-ups where the doctor can recommend certain practices to make your cat feel happier and divert their mind from any kind of vulnerable feelings.

4) Look at my moves human, I have awesome curves!!

Your felines love to jump around the house, run everywhere, and explore all corners. They are proud animals indeed, but over-pride can also be a sign of disturbance in their minds. When depressed, cats get more physically active and tend to run around and jump more than usual. They begin to show extra affection and want to be pet more and more. This is a sort of a defense mechanism that makes them do things that are contrary to their natural behavioral characteristics. The normal calm and composed demeanor begin to change and they begin to get frantic. The vulnerable state of mind makes them go crazy. For example, they want to cuddle more than usual because they feel too scared, or they climb up the cupboard and don’t come back down because they feel attacked even though there would be no threats at all. This drastic change in behavior is a clear indication of mental depression in your cat.

5) I am too lonely; I don’t have friends!!

Even though cats normally prefer solitude, mental disturbances can cause them to want a social life. They may be friendly and cozy with their owners, but they might want companionship too. Such a behavioral trait is observed in un-neutered cats, especially during specific seasons and phases when the urge to mate is very high. There is a sudden change in bodily postures. They lift their backs up and lower their heads, clearly indicating the want for sexual pleasure. When this urge is not met, they feel uneasy, making them behave weirdly. They start talking more, eating more, giving rise to other health issues. Cat owners must ensure that their cat is either castrated, or they should bring in another cat so that both can cherish each other’s company and avoid unnecessary mental or physical hassles.

Felines have multiple facets to their personality. They are normally proud and dominant and are truly kings and queens. Owners of cats are accustomed to a particular pattern of behavior, and the moment things look different, they must act swiftly. Animals cannot convey their mental problems with ease, and it is up to us to be alert and attentive towards abnormalities, and avoid any chance of lapses. After all, we are all they may ever have, and we must always keep them happy, just the way they love us and care for us, in their own proud way!!


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