All rise in honor of the imperial Persian cats!

All rise in honor of the imperial Persian cats!

Amongst all the breeds of felines across the world, there is one that stands out, mainly because of its natural royalty and demeanour. It has the power to melt the hearts of every cat-loving hooman just by ‘walking past them.’ Ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about none other than, the royal Persian Cats!!

Also known to be called ‘The Shirazi Cats,’ this specific breed of cats is one that can truly define the terms ‘pride and honour.’ Originated from ancient Persia, these royal felines were first introduced to the rest of the world in the 17th century, when Italian traders and travellers bought it along with them to Europe. It gained instant popularity, especially because of its long and shiny coating, that stood out and attracted people not only in Europe but gradually intriguing people from across the Atlantic Ocean.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Persian Cat

Unlike other domesticated breeds of felines, these cats are different not only because of their looks but also because of a slightly varied behavioral characteristic. Here are some fascinating facts about the Persian Cats:


1) ‘I may be a cat, but I am not proud or demanding, my dear servants!’

Cats across the globe are known to very proud and self-caring, showing little or no regard for anyone else around them. But the Persian cats are known to be gentle and kinder when it comes to treating their hooman servants. They are not too demanding or proud and are usually found to be in a calm and composed mind-state. These cats are very friendly and love to receive love and affection, and also tend to reciprocate the same by being playful and jolly around humans. Unlike other breeds, the Persian cat is known to be quite emotional when it comes to its own space as well as those around it, as it mingles very easily and settles quite brilliantly in any kind of environment.


2) ‘I love walking on the CatWalk!’

Since they have long and smooth hair, the natural shine of their furr caused due to oil secretions from their skin makes them the best-looking cat breed ever. They are known to be ‘posers’ and not ‘climbers’ as they prefer to wander around on ground level as compared to scaling heights like other breeds. They are very pleasing to watch and those who love cats are often left awestruck after merely setting their eyes on the royal Persian. People tend to believe that these cats may know inherently that they are the best looking in the entire feline species, clearing doubts as to why it seems so aesthetically pleasing when it sits or walks.


3) ‘Not so curious not so loud, I am soft as a tender white cloud’

The Persian cats are stout as compared to other breeds, with smaller ears on the top of a furry round face. They have long fluffy tails and a muscular body which is densely covered in long hair. They do not love to climb or jump around due to their small paws, and usually prefer quieter and subtle surroundings. They are not ones to break or destroy household chores, but rather prefer to sit on the lap of their owners and be pet on their heads. However, they are sometimes known to have trust issues when it comes to crowds. They are delicate minded cats who get scared of too many people at once and tend to run away to their hiding place.

4) ‘If I was an actor, I would win the Oscars!’

Unlike other breeds of domestic cats, the Persians are way more expressive in terms of likes and dislikes. They are known to be extremely vocal and like to communicate through various bodily gestures, like rubbing against surfaces intensely when they are in a playful mood or making direct eye contact and mewing very softly to convey their disappointment or resentment. They are not violent and aggressive, thus each and every mood and feeling are expressed very vividly. They are truly royal when it comes to petting, as they have specific preferences in the manner of petting as well as areas to be pet. They never get angry, and therefore can be regarded as one of the best ‘actors’ in the family of felines.

5) ‘Nothing is more delicate than me’

Due to their shiny long coat of fur over a small and cute body, the Persian cats are very delicate when it comes to health problems. They are more vulnerable to skin diseases and internal issues as compared to other breeds because Persians are known to have weaker immune systems. Cat parents who own Persians have to very careful and attentive towards maintaining their pet’s health at all times. Regular cleaning and shampooing accompanied by proper hair grooming is a must for Persian cats, else they are prone to skin problems like boils, acne, ear mites etc. Dealing with a Persian cat truly makes one feel like a servant, who is always on his toes, sacrificing everything to meet the king’s demands.


6) ‘I prefer staying within the walls on my palace’

It is common for cats to run around and explore every corner of the area they are in, especially when they step outside the house. Persians, on the contrary, prefer to stay indoors within the warm walls of the home and like to cuddle and play with things. They are not naturally energetic and aggressive in their mannerism. Their calm mind along with a doubting personality makes them feel uneasy when they step outside and tend to stick to their owners at all times while out, clearly indicating that they are way more anxiety-stricken than usual domestic cats, who are more carefree and bold to show their pride and dominance.

Those who have an undying affinity for felines and they’re distinguished personality often love the Persian Cats the most due to their beautiful looks and remarkable social abilities. No doubt indeed that due to their strikingly gorgeous looks, Persian cats are among the costliest house cats in the world. They are truly a cat lover’s paradise, and serving them would feel like honour and less of a burden!!


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