A cat's undying love for closed spaces!

Why Do Cats Like Squeezing into Tight Spaces?

Every cat parent in the world always wonders about the weird and strange behavior that their pets portray. One of the very evident ones is their affinity for closed spaces. It is rather intriguing for a cat owner when their pet jumps in excitement, not for the goodies that they bring for it, but rather for the container that has those goodies. It could be a box or a plastic bag, or worse, it could very much be an empty bowl kept idle on the kitchen platform! The cat will jump and pounce, squeeze and push, but ensure that it fits within the confines of a closed item. Strange indeed!

What drives them towards tight spaces? Is it just the excitement of trying something different, or do they merely enjoy looking at you scratching your heads in confusion? It's true that cats are indeed wild, always on their toes (even falling on them) and they possess a high level of alertness. So, what could be the reason for them to enjoy places and items that are bounded?

We all know that felines are difficult to understand, and this particular behavior is one that has had cat owners wondering. However, if we delve deeper and break down the reasons for such erratic behavior, it would surely make us love our cats even more!!

What Cattitude Daily tells you about cats' ability to squeeze into tight spaces


1) I am furry, but still need warmth, hooman!!

All cat parents deal with one major issue, which is furr and cat hair everywhere! Even though cats are covered densely with thick furr, they still need warmth and comfort. This is why they jump into a box or a confined space the moment they lay eyes on one. A hard-bound substance is an ideal thing for them to push their body against, making them feel warm and cozy, only if they don’t end up tearing or breaking the item before squeezing in it!!

2) Always on my paws!

Cats are naturally wild and alert animals! They’re curiosity always keeps them on their toes. Because they have strong instincts and senses, they always want to keep clear of any kind of dangers and attacks. Closed spaces, like boxes and bags, provide them with the sense of security and safety, with their backs pushed against a solid surface, providing them with an assurance of no danger from their hindsight. Given the fact that their predators themselves, a bounded space ensure that nothing barges into their space (a scratch attack is imminent if you do so!!)


3) Tumbly-bumbly on my delicate belly!

For a cat, the most vulnerable place on its body is the underbelly. Even while hunting, wild cats go prone, with their bellies touching the ground. This is because they are wary and want to avoid any kind of an attack on their tummy. So, it is natural indeed for them to be able to protect their weak spot, and how better to do so than to squeeze into an enclosed space, where nothing can attack its stomach! Self-protection and safety are primary concerns for felines, although they will not care a damn for yours, biting and nudging you whenever they want!!

4) Everything the light touch is a part of my kingdom!

For a feline, its territory is of utmost importance. They will go to any extent to protect it from dangers and predators of any kind. Therefore, they must find a spot from where they can see the entirety of their area. This explains why boxes and spaces that are situated at a good height are preferred by them. By comfortably squeezing in and ensuring self-safety, a cat can then keep an eye on everything, and avoid unnecessary intrusions in their space.

5) I need to calm down hooman!!

We all know how hyper and alert felines are, and their curious nature always has them wandering around and exploring. A lot of energy is spent, both mentally and physically. Like humans, they too need to relax and calm down, to regain their strength. What could be a better way to do so, than to squeeze into a closed space, which not only lets them rest but also serves as a guard from attackers while they snooze? Felines are proud animals, who value their sleep and space above anything else. A tight space provides guaranteed protection from intrusions and disturbance.


 6) I choose my spots, just like I choose my servants!!

It is often observed by cat parents and also by those who love cats, that they tend to find their ‘favorite-closed-space’ themselves and do not care for any that is provided to them by anyone else. They’re ever doubting nature never lets them trust anything or anyone who can potentially bring harm to them! Therefore, they choose their spots and boxes by themselves, as it gives them a feeling of complete ownership and belonging. So even though you may bring your cat a fancy box or container, if it doesn’t feel right, it will shun away from your gift (might even give you one in the form of scratches and bites)


The undying affinity that felines have for closed or tight spaces is one of the many aspects that may seem weird or strange to their parents. But it is also right to state, that being able to know and understand every part of our cat’s characteristics is never going to be completely possible. For they shall always be above us, ruling over their servants. And who is to question their superiority, as our knees weaken at the first sight of the cuteness they behold!!



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