7 ways to trick your cat into getting an exercise.

7 ways to trick your cat into getting exercise.

Are cats lazy? Well, then there is more power to them if they really are. Who has not entertained the dream of doing just as he likes, when and how he likes, and as much as he likes? says Fernand Mary

Each of us would like to be as lazy as a cat, but this is the ultimate feature of a feline. One must be very alert about the cat's health. Being extremely lazy, sleeping away throughout the day, eating, and doing nothing, is a typical cat. But when they do get energetic, they have a sudden burst of energy, but Alas! That lasts only for a fraction of a minute and lo! Here they are snoring away.

It is an observation that dogs are straightforward to take for a walk or play a game of rich fetch but to get a cat to play with you, please a lot of brain Exercise.

However, there are a few strategies, or you can say tricks hey that will help you keep the Kitty of yours active and full of energy. Here they are –

1.Bring toys

Cats tend to be a bit aloof. Best of all, the tricks are to bring them plenty of toys. Toys encourage cats to play with them. They can keep their mind active by shuffling them, trampling on them, chewing, or throwing them around. The pet owner can also play with the cat by hiding the toys and encouraging the cat to find them. Simple toys like ping pong balls or pipe cleaners will work wonders. 

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2. Trick o' Treat

Reminded me of Halloween, anybody! It is for those cute, fat, little, lazy bones purring away softly in that teeny-weeny box. Cats love food, especially sweet treats. Fool them by hiding treats all around the house and make them look across to find them. It is  one of the fun ways to keep them active. Though it sounds very mean, it's fun; it's the only time to see the cats move their butts to run.

3. Kitty on Leash

Cats are tough to the leash. Bring proper equipment and try to leash your cat. Let the cat play with the leash and drag or chew it for a few days. Once it gets familiar with the whole equipment, you can put the harness around the cat's neck and prompt them to go on walks. It may take a week or two to get your cat moving and comfortable. Take your cat for a guided walk around a park or your building or wherever she would love to go.

4. Fun with laser and wand

You must have surely seen a funny video of a laser beam pointing at a cat, and the cat is trying to move faster to catch hold of the beam or the spot of the laser as if it is some toy. It is quite a tickling video, but then it is an excellent exercise for your cat as you can point your laser wherever you can and ask have your cat to move faster, which will be one of the best exercises for your cat. But be sure that only your cat catches the beam and not her eyes. Be alert not to point the beam into the cat's eyes directly.

 Alternatively, you can also give a wand to your cat. Nowadays we get flexible toys which are of a wand-style. It has a feather or a mouse or other diversion at the far end. An interactive play session with your cat will be a good exercise for it and fun for you. It's hilarious to see the cats playing around and getting fooled, but then it's all for their excellent health.

5. Fun on the treadmill

You can teach your cat run on a treadmill for an exercise. It should be strictly under supervision. But believe it, or not the cats love to work on a treadmill and can run up to 30 miles per hour. The only challenges to make them stand on the treadmill and get them started.

6. Cats love catnip

A lot of catnip toys are available for the cats to play. It should be used in proper situations only. Though cats love catnip, not all cats respond well to it, and if you become aggressive when it is around. So never give catnip to play when your cat is under a stressful condition.

7. Pair the cats

It's often seen that when two cats come together, they love playing with each other. They have their wrestling and chasing games, and even the adult cats can play like kittens.

Try these tricks on your cat and see her transformation by way of good health and agility. Have fun with your Kitty!


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