7 of the Friendliest Cat Breeds!

7 of the Friendliest Cat Breeds!

Cats, the feline personalities, are different from each other. They vary in shapes and sizes and can be loyal, playful, sassy, and aloof. The friendliest of the cats can frown and run away from anybody or be extra endearing to get those extra cuddles. With so many cat breeds around, let's see who are the purrfect friends for humans.

1. Sphynx

Sphynx was ranked the number one friendliest cat breed in a study conducted by the Journal of veterinary behavior in 2012. Sphynx exists to please humans. Sphynx is a cat who loves human attention, craves affection, and wants to have a good play session. Because they are so affectionate that they want to be with humans to keep them warm and clean. If the Sphynx cat has not gone wild and crazy to entertain others, one can find him helping in the household chores and even snuggling up to strangers.

Learn more about this affectionate pet, its personality and appearance, in this guide to the Sphynx cat >>>

2. Ragdoll

Ragdoll is such a 'Doll' that this feline is the top contender for the cat breed, the friendliest. Ragdolls are cats that are known for their laidback attitude and cuddly nature, which makes them a perfect lazy companion. They live on attention and affection and will love to curl up in the lap of the owner. Ragdolls simply melt in the arms of the person who loves them and cuddle them. Their bodies go limp, and they just enjoy the attention. These cats chill out and prefer to follow the owner everywhere and are always ready for that quick quiz kiss or a hug or a cuddle at any moment.

3. Maine Coon

Maine Coon Known as America's gentle giant is one of the largest domestic and friendliest cat breeds. Maine Coon s a large-hearted cat who loves everyone right from children to other animals. Though he adores long and quiet cuddling time, he wouldn't mind energetic playtime. To show the owner that he is friendly, he would give frequent headbutts and play with a shadow of his favorite person in the home to show them that they are unique. Cute isn't it? Amazingly, Maine Coon cats are a happy go lucky personality and can live even in a household full of cats and dogs. They are very confident and will talk to you to giving them attention with their chirpy meows.

4. Burmese

Burmese cats are charmers. They make it up to the list of the friendliest cat breeds because of their amiable nature. They can gladly and easily accept hugs, kisses, and cuddles from humans and even other animals. These cats love to spend hours curling up in the lap and purring away all day. Burmese cats are well known for grooming themselves and everyone around them, including humans and other animals. They simply can't resist themselves from being friendly. Burmese cats must be believing in the motto, 'Live to love,' making them one of the friendliest cat breeds.

5. Abyssinian

Are you looking out for a cat-friend who is crazily curious, highly energetic, and is very interactive by his meows? Then Abyssinian is the cat you want. They are the epitomes of agility, intelligence, acceptance, and adoration. They aren't one of those cats who would want to curl around in your lap, but instead, they would go out in the open everywhere and mix and mingle with anyone they meet even if they're strangers. As they are highly interactive, they would love to greet everyone and won't shy away from strangers or even other cats and household pets.

6. Siamese

Every inch of a party animal, the Siamese cats are the life of the party. They are friendly, sassy, affectionate, and a purrfect furry furend to all. A loud character, the Siamese cat, do not hesitate to voice out her opinion for everyone to hear. Very affectionate and easy to be with, the Siamese cat is compared to having a loving personality of that of a canine.

7. Persian

The beautiful Persian cats are every bit friendly, sociable, and loving. These cats have a laidback and relaxed nature and would love to snuggle and curl up into their favorite human laps. The Persian cat would always love to have all the attention from the owner, and so, would look forward to greeting them whenever they come back from work.

Though all of the above breeds make it to the friendliest cat breeds, it is essential to understand that our pet cat, which may or may not belong to the above breeds, will always be unique to us for its individuality. Respect and love the personality of the cat and groom it to be likable to all.

As quoted by Sigmund Freud, ' Time spent with cats is never wasted.'


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