7 Bizarre Cat Behaviors– Explained!

7 Bizarre Cat Behaviors– Explained!

It's very easy to fall in love with a cat, especially if you have one as a pet. Quoting Charles Dickens, he said that "What greater gift than the love of a cat?" Yes, indeed, cats love us because they can feel and read our emotions. With a cat, you can always feel special as they make us feel so as they guzzle their furry body against us or purring softly to us, looking at us endearingly.

Sometimes these cats may suddenly bang their heads against us, try to sleep in tight boxes, or try to do all sorts of weird behaviors. Let us check out today what these bizarre cat behaviors mean.

1Bouncing and Bumping kitty – 

Some cats and especially kittens can be very energetic as well as playful. They do not know how to use all that energy that they have. So they dart from one room to another, scratch or jump up on the furniture and even jump or bounce off the walls for no reason. All these activities are though normal, could lead to injuries. Such behavior even disrupts your whole household, and everybody will be engaged in trying to control the cat's behavior. Sometimes, your cat may bump its head with your body trying to say, "I love you". This is very common when a cat wants to express its possession over its master. Cats have pheromones, which an area of the cheek that helps them in doing so, and thus they try to head butt them. 

2. Chattering kitty – 

Cats can make weird noises like chattering, chirping, hacking, and yowling. Why do they do so? Cats make these sounds as an act of getting excited at seeing potential prey like birds flying around in the yard. Also, the cats make strange jaw movements while looking out of the window at birds, and they may be preparing for a kill, or they may be frustrated as they are not able to go out for hunting. Though weird for us, it is entirely reasonable for a feline.

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3. Kitty brings 'Gifts' - 

OMG! A gift from a cat? We can expect gifts from our friends and relatives, but how about getting a gift from a cat? Cats are ill-famed for gifting their owner's unwanted gifts like dead mice or dead birds. Why do they behave so weirdly? Well, as a matter of fact, you should be feeling honored that your cat is gifting you or sharing it's killing with you. It would be best to avoid such behavior and not make a big deal of it by scolding your cat. This behavior is perfectly normal as the cat wants to tell you a big "Thank You" for taking its care and is trying to acknowledge you as a member of his tribe. It may be a craving for more attention. Also, do not pay more attention to such gifts by teaching the cat to keep them outside of the home, or else you will have more and more of such gifts. 

4. Kneading felines – 

You may find your cat pressing his paws into you and massage back and forth, trying to knead. Why do the cats want to knead things with their paws?

According to the behaviorists, this action of the cat may be reminding it of its earlier days when it was a kitten and how it used to press its mummy's tummy to get more milk. So, by kneading, now, as an adult, they are trying to feel relaxed and contended. The kneading action also shows that they are happy, and they're trying to calm down their stress. Hey, it's a compliment for you that you remind him of his mummy!! 

5. Kitty poops outside the box

There are times when you find that your cat does not use the litter box for urinating or pooping. In such a case, one should try to understand the reason behind it. It may be that the litter box is not clean or is highly inaccessible or is not in a private space. The other reason may be that there are not enough litter boxes kept for the cat. As far as the thumb rule goes, there should be at least two litter boxes for one cat. Also, try to place the litter box on the floor where the cat spends a maximum of its time and not somewhere beyond its reach or where it must climb the stairs to use it. Also, it should be of a perfect size so that your cat can get in and out easy 

6. Kitty fits then kitty sits – 

Cats have an incredible ability to be 'comfortable' in tight spaces like small boxes or dresser drawers or bathroom cabinets or closed corners. It is impressive to see them resting in the smallest of the places instead of the cat bed that you have put for them. Why do they need to curl up in small spaces? Well, felines have an instinct for an ambush, which is natural. This behavior goes back to their ancestors, who were wildcats and would find it safe and secure to hide from their predators in small places. So, whenever you find your Kitty curling into the smallest of the place available, don't worry, they simply love to be there. 

7. Knocking Kitty – 

As a cat owner, you may often find your cat knocking off a book from the table or pushing off a picture frame from its place and watching it calmly falling to the floor. It can be highly irritating and frustrating to see this behavior of a cat. However, for a cat, this behavior is normal. Why do they go around knocking things off? Because cats have sensitive paws and they instinctively like to knock around things, even their 'prey. Sometimes they knock things down just to get your attention. And sometimes, they are merely bored and are curious to see what happens if a thing falls. Funny!! Try to ignore such behavior of your cat and put all your breakable or valuable objects off their paw's reach. 

Bizarre for us but normal for felines! Observe and keep a check on such behaviors. Contact a veterinarian and try to sort out any health issues behind such behaviors.



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