6 things about cat paws that are pawsitively fascinating.

6 things about cat paws that are pawsitively fascinating.

Cat paws are super cute. They’re soft and tiny – and if you look at them upside-down, they even look like tiny little teddy bears. It’s no wonder then that most cat owners love them so much and can’t resist fawning over them every now and then. However, there’s a lot more than what meets the eye about a cat’s paws and this article will list 6 of the more interesting facts we think you should know about.

1. Cats have a dominant paw.

Just like us hoomans, cats too have dominant paws. However, with cats, their dominant paw is decided by gender - so while male cats prefer using their right paw, female kitties usually use their left paw. If you observe closely enough, you will notice your cat turns to their dominant paw while performing difficult tasks like swatting at something or while playing. 

2. Cat paws are one-of-a-kind, just like your fingerprints.

If your cat lets you, try looking at his/her paws with a magnifying glass. You will see grooves similar to human fingerprints. These markings are unique to your cat and will not match any other cat in the world. These prints can even be registered to a phone’s fingerprint sensor and can be used to unlock your mobile device. 

3. Paws help cats keep cool.

Your cat’s paws have sweat glands that act like little cooling systems on those extremely hot days. Also, just like hoomans get sweaty palms when they are nervous, cats also sweat through their paws when they are nervous or scared. It’s the reason most cat owners see little pug marks on the examination table every time they take their kitties to the veterinarian.


4. Marking territory.

Besides helping your cat keep cool, his/her paws also help them mark their territory. This is because cats release pheromones from their paws. This scent is packed with information about your cat and lets other cats know they are going where they shouldn’t be going.  

5. Your kitty’s paws are extremely sensitive.

Studies have shown that cat paws are stuffed with nerve receptors making the super sensitive to touch. This is the reason they’ll swat at you if you try and snuggle their paws. These receptors help your cat sense temperature, texture and even surface vibrations, all of which helped them hunt prey in their natural environment. However, having such sensitive paws comes at a cost as they are easily injured when exposed to hot or frozen pavements.

6. Cats don’t use their whole paw while walking.

You might not have noticed but, cats actually tip-toe when getting around the place. This makes them extremely quick and helps them take longer strides. This also makes them very nimble and stealthy, something that makes them amazing predators.

It will be impossible to look at cat paws in the same way again but at least you know just how special your kitty’s paws are! And now that you do, if you ever feel like giving them a little extra protection, we at CatCurio have a range of products for those little paws. So whenever you have the time, remember to have a quick looksy. 

We hope this has made for an interesting read and we wish you a claw-some day ahead.


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I love the GIFs and the points! It’s actually a very entertaining post! Who knew that Cat Paws act as Fingerprints! Thanks!


Eeeeee more like this blog pleaseee this is so cutteee X3


Dominant paw: True! My Sophie, when playing, has the left paw always ready to catch objects. Love her!




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