5 Signs to know that Your Cat isn't as Domesticated as You Think!

5 Signs to know that Your Cat isn't as Domesticated as You Think!

Cats!!! Oh! They are so adorable. Small, round, fluffy, fur balls are so comforting in your lap purring softly and reciprocating your love with those dewy eyes.

Though people have cats as pets nowadays and they do try to domesticate them in all the possible ways, one should not forget that after all, they are the descendants and belong to the family of the Wildcats. Your loved cat may not be hunters in the jungles or stalked the deserts, but they still have that wild instinct and some unexplainable weird behaviors present in their ancestors.

There are always some common signs which, on observing our cats, can be found quickly and thereby understand that they cannot be domesticated as they are born with those instincts. Let us find out which are those.

1. Perching

Cats are after all wild cats. They have the instinct to keep themselves safe from predators and want to keep an eye on their surroundings. Also, they always have an inherent desire to perch high. In case you have a cat, who loves to perch high up, try installing a cat tree or tall wooden posts so that they can fulfill their craving of perching on the height.

2. Stalking and Hunting

Cats are stealthy and are born to hunt and stalk. Though we provide our cats with fresh food from time to time, they might be looking for an opportunity to hunt and stalk. In fact, for keeping the cat active, healthy, and alert, one can try giving a simulative environment by placing treats or toys with movement around the house or garden and encouraging your cat to find them. Look out for some battery-operated toys to activate the cat's instincts. This stimulation will also keep the cat away from getting bored.

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3. Marking Territory

Animals, in general, like to show their possession for a specific spot or a thing. The cat paws have hidden scent glands and use them to mark their territory. They scratch the sofa arms, or a wooden post, or a dining table not out of a wicked, destructive desire, but because they want to claim it as their area or turf. If other cats or animals enter the home and take the scent of any of the cat's marked areas, the message "this is mine" is apparent to them.

4. Seek Fresh Water

Cats usually do not drink from water bowls placed near their food balls. They distaste drinking stagnant water as their instincts tell them that such water could be contaminated and, therefore, unhealthy to drink. Thus, whenever somebody turns on a tap in the sink, they run to drink water directly from the tap or any running water source. Try installing a fountain of water that continuously circulates water instead of leaving taps and faucets running.

5. Urine Marking

Cats are shy creatures who like a living, aloof and alone. But in case if they come to know of a cat or other animal in the neighborhood, then they would like to communicate to them about their territory by using urine to mark the same. In this way, they avoid physical interaction but still give out the message loud and clear. One should not treat such urine marking as a litter box problem commonly found in domestic cats.

Do you have a cat that is wild at heart? Then you will find it following its basic instincts whenever it gets a chance. Don't worry; after all, your cat is just trying to replicate its ancestors. Let your cat have its mew-ment.


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