5 Signs that your Cat is bored

5 Signs that your Cat is bored

As a cat parent whose cabinet is overflowing with catnips and heart is overflowing with cat-love, you would feel sad if your cat is not playing with you. So, is your cat bored? Is your kitty turning her face away from something interesting you offered her? 
But of all the emotions and mood swings of your feline friend, how would you detect that she is actually “bored”? Here are the 5 signs that your bored cat gives away

1. Overly doing something

Over-grooming and overeating are two main signs to indicate that your cat is bored.

2. Inactivity

You might in fact start searching for your noisy naughty cat due to her sudden silence. This lack of her usual curiosity is a sign of her boredom.

3. Rubbing against other animals

“Don’t know what to do, let’s pick a fight then”, is perhaps your baby lion’s mind voice when she is bored to the core. You might see her chasing and terrorizing other animals simply to fight.

4. Repetitive behavior

She may keep doing the same thing, even if it is moping your house, she will do it endlessly. This simply shows that she is bored.

5. Unappreciable behavior

Destructive behavior that she exhibits suddenly is also a sign of her boredom. Yeah, even her boredom comes with a cost, at least that of your sofa or curtain… HeHe…


How to engage my bored cat?

Here are 5 ways to mend your bored cat’s mind

1. Invest in Toys

Excite her with scratch posts or a laser toy, the choice is yours. But offer something new to chew her interests and burn her curiosity.

2. Safe outdoor visit

A small outdoor walk can change her mood and switch on her active cells. Fresh air and seeing a new environment are good changes for her to get rid of her boredom.

3. Change of atmosphere

A window view or a sunspot in your house can also rejuvenate her. Keep her engaged in a different place at your house that she has least used.

4. Give her attention

Just play and giggle with her. Cuddle and snuggle her. She will feel better and get back on her cat-track to pull your legs.

5. Find a companion

You can ask another cat-fanatic like you, to come over or bring home a new kitty. Either way, your puffy pal should get happy and playful.
If you have tried all these tricks but nothing is still thrilling her enough, then you should consider visiting your vet. Coz it may be due to some health issues that she is inactive and unable to play.
I hope you get to play with your cutie cat pie soon… Kudos 😊


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