Quarantine With Your Cat

5 Quick Tips for the Purrfect Quarantine with Your Cat

The on-going COVID 19 crises have us all tied up in knots. Stuck at home, we miss our friends, our fun weekends at the mall, and even the quick run to the grocery store that now seems like a distant dream. Sigh!

As a cat parent, you might probably be enjoying all the extra hours of cuddles with Bubba. After all, he must have missed you during those long days at work. Pets have a truly calming effect and you would have noticed how a quick cuddle or affectionate snuggle from your cat can truly make the world’s worries melt away.

10 Activities To Do While Quarantined With Your Pet by SPCA of Northern Nevada

Yet, there also may have been times when you were worried if you were handling the quarantine with your kitty the right way. After all, the whole uncertainty and building stress levels have close to leave your mind in a mess. Does your furry friend notice the change and feel left out? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Read on for five quick tips that will truly come in handy when quarantining with your cat.

1) Stick to healthy snacks

Being at home all day long, you might feel tempted to reward your kitty more than once for their pawsome company. Without realizing it, you could be overfeeding your cat. This isn’t a good thing for you or them. Stick to the regular snacking pattern that you’ve always followed pre-quarantine. This would prevent your cat from gaining any unhealthy weight. Plus, do remember that cats are not too motivated by food. So, an excess of rewards would see the tasty treats lose their value in kitty’s eyes. 


    2) Create a designated happy place

    Cats are creatures who are used to predictability. The quarantine might have your pet all surprised at a sudden change in the routine. Yes, they love you, but that doesn’t keep them from wondering why you are suddenly home all the time. Uncertainty can be unnerving for you and your kitty. To help with this, try to create a happy place filled with the things your cat loves in a corner of your house. This could be a soft rug and cushion with their favorite toy. Cats also love cardboard boxes so, a nice, large box should also work just fine. Allow your cat some time alone in their happy place each day. You’ll notice a contented look on kitty’s face. 

    3) Kid and kitty bonding time

    If you have children at home, you might want to focus on the bonding between your cat and the kids and ensure it doesn’t get overwhelming or stressful for either. Learning is a great way to help the kid and kitty bond. You could use a couple of free hours each week to train your kids to understand cat body language and behaviour. You can train your kids when to reward the cat with a treat and how to condition good behaviour. This will go a long way in improving the interaction between your babies and make for a truly happy and comfortable atmosphere at home. 

    4) Allow some ‘me’ time

    As humans, we love having designated time for ourselves each day. Your kitty needs this space too to relax and unwind. Remember that not too long ago, your cat was probably used to their extended nap time while you were at work all day. The sudden change in routine can be quite startling. So, even if you are feeling a bit bored all cooped up at home, do remember not to exert your kitty more than you should. Stick to the old routine of playtime. You can add an hour or two more but do not overdo it. The trick is to gradually increase playtime so that your cat can comfortably slide into her new routine. 

    5) Stock up on essentials

    Do remember to keep stock of all the essentials needed for a comfy quarantine with your cat. This might include flea and tick medicine, their favorite treats, and main meals. You would not want to run out of supplies at such a time. Do keep your vet’s number on speed dial in case you need some quick advice. The good news is that even if your local pet store is closed for a bit, you can always order cat supplies online. Just make sure to order enough at one time to prevent the hassle of having to wait for your deliveries.

    Remember, a happy kitty makes for a pawsome pal!

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