Ways to get your cat to really like you

5 Easy Ways to get Your Cat to Really Like You

Cats have always been associated with an element of mystery and charm. For thousands of years – from ancient Egypt all the way to the modern digital age – feline beings have enchanted us, humans.

So effortlessly.

But what does it take for kitty to like (love, perhaps) us back? Lost in a world of their own, cats are as content as can be. And, if you love cuddling your own, or your neighbor’s cat, you’re probably wondering why Maxie doesn’t find you too pawsome. He wriggles away and your self-esteem comes crashing down in 3,2,1…

Comfortzonepets solves the mystery or whether your cats actually feel love or not!

Hold on, don’t worry. The experts have decoded what a cat wants. The good news is, it’s all quite simple. Read on for five easy things to do to make your cat like you.

1) Don’t come on too strong

If you’re trying to impress a girl (or a guy) at a party, would it help to approach them casually like a friend, or intimidate them with constant staring coupled with an invasion of their personal space?

The answer to that one is simple enough.

It’s pretty much the same with cats. When approaching a cat for the first time, allow it to feel safe. Remember, you are physically larger and probably intimidating to the little furry fellow. So, don’t walk up assertively, thrust your finger in its face, or make constant eye contact. Play it cool and let kitty approach you. Now, this might take a while and can vary between cats. Give the feline fellow time to warm up to your presence and make up its own mind about approaching you halfway.

See, we said it’s simple enough. Okay moving on.

2) Stay calm

If you have always been around dogs, you’re probably used to jumping around and having them respond in a similar fashion; Fido and his species are high energy beings.

By contrast, cats are calm. And, they are trusting of behaviors that are equally relaxed and predictable.

Do not jump out from behind the sofa and give kitty a shocker. Move slowly and calmly around your cat. Once it sees your behaviors as predictable and in sync with its own way, it will learn to trust (and love) you. This might be hard to follow if you have only ever played with dogs before but it’s worth it. You will come to discover and appreciate a whole new sense of calm being around cats, truly a feeling you might not have known existed.

3) Learn the right spots

Cats are very particular about where they like to be touched. We humans, are too, right? So, we can relate.

If you have been planning to be a pet parent to a cat, it is important to learn where they like to be petted and which areas are an absolute no-no.

Getting these spots right will have your cat open up to you. It will trust you and feel comfortable around you as you treat it right while also respecting its space. Okay, coming to the spots. Our feline friends love to be petted on their forehead, ears, cheek, and neck. Try to avoid straying beyond these areas when getting to know a new cat. Also, never ever attempt to rub a cat’s belly. Cats are very sensitive and protective of their bellies as they feel vulnerable there. So, stick to the safe zones.

4) Use treats wisely

Cats love their treats. So, load up on snacks and life with your kitty should be hunky-dory, right? Wrong!

To begin with, cats are not easily motivated by food. So, you would want to plan the edibles very carefully. Reward exceptionally good behavior. For instance, if the cat comes willingly up to you and rubs against you, you could offer it a snack. Avoid tempting the cat to keep approaching you by dangling repeat treats. The cat is likely to stop valuing this reward soon enough.

Also, cats can be picky eaters. So, you would want to pick the treats smartly. Cats love a bit of cheese or a small fish flake. Alternatively, you could get the kitty a box of cat treats from the local pet food store. With so many snacking options available for cats at pet stores, little Maxie is not going to get bored anytime soon.

5) Give lots of space

Finally, when allowing a cat room to warm up to you, do recognize signs of feline discomfort. These signs could range from subtle sounds of growling or hissing to more obvious signals like a scratch or a bite.

The moment you sense your cat is getting uncomfortable, stop. Whatever it is you’re doing to the cat, stop and give it space.

Cats need a lot of space before they feel comfortable and begin to trust you. You cannot force this trust onto a cat; it will come to you willingly in its own time.

Yes, it is tough to let go when you enjoy cuddling with your cat so much. Yet, learning to respect your cat’s own space is an important aspect of bonding with your feline friend,

Making friends with a cat is easy as long as you keep these easy tips in mind. The good news is that you can make the whole process easier by bringing home cat products that your kitty will love. You could start with cat toys that will keep your kitty active and happy. And there’s nothing like a soft cat bed for when kitty is tired. The best part is that you can find all these amazing cat products, and more, on the CatCurio website. We have a whole range of products that your cat will love. So, get shopping now and show your cat how much you love them.


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