4 ways to keep your cat from waking you up at night.

4 ways to keep your cat from waking you up at night.

Many cat owners are sleep deprived or endure sleepless nights – they are kept awake or woken up in the middle of the night by their feline friends. Initially, you put up with it but at some point, this behavior is going to become exhausting. Fortunately, if you are able to find out why your cat is keeping you up, you can easily put the problem to rest.

1. Poor sleep cycle.

If you’re a working cat owner, chances are, you are barely at home during the day. With no one to follow around the house & play with, most cats will spend their time sleeping. However, this will keep them wide awake & energized to play at night. Fortunately, there is an easy way to solve this problem. All you have to do is keep your cat occupied during the day and tire them out somehow. This way, when you get home, they’ll be just a tired as you and both of you can enjoy the shuteye you’ll need.

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You can try interactive toys or buy them foraging playthings or hide treats around the house while you’re away. You could also look for laser toys & a climbing tree or chuck a ball around a little before you leave. When you come back, you can use dangling toys to keep your cat busy while you unwind or watch TV. Then try and squeeze in an hour of play time before you go to bed, this will ensure your cat is poofed-out, just like you, and will want to have a good night's sleep.

2. Maybe it’s food.

Reward your kitty with a good meal before going to bed. Most cats will sleep like a baby on a full tummy. If they still wake you up for food during the night, it makes sense to invest in an automatic food dispenser. This will do the needful for you, ensuring your cat is fed without disturbing your precious sleep.


3. See a vet if your cat still wakes you up.

If your cat is still waking you up during in the night, it could be something more serious. Your cat could be trying to get your attention as they are sick. It could be a toothache or even fever that is making your cat restless. A quick visit to the vet could see you both sleeping better at night.

4. Get another cat.

Another cat will alleviate the need to wake you up completely. Your cat will have all the company they need to play the night away. So if your cat is a sociable type and you don’t mind having another kitty around the house, it’s definitely worth considering this option. However, it’s a good idea only if you are a sound sleeper as two cats with an entire house to themselves will result in quite the ruckus at night.


We hope this article helps you and your cat sleep better at night. Good luck and have a pawsome day ahead!


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