4 Questions to ask Yourself before Owning a Cat

4 Questions to ask Yourself before Owning a Cat

If you are facing that “Cat on the wall” moment, of choosing between owning a cat and not, then this post will help you conclude on this. 

Now, try to honestly answer all 4 questions below, to help you understand yourself as a cat parent.

1. Are you ready to spend time?

Typically, the average lifespan of a cat is about 15-20 years. So, you should be able to spend time with your cat for at least these many years of your life. Cats need a lot of attention and care to develop that bonding. So, think if you can give her all love and care by spending time with her and for her.

2. Is your pocket heavy enough to support your little cat?

Cats are quite maintenance-heavy creatures. Starting from their food, toys, vet visits, and other associated expenses, it roughly accounts to 800-1000$ annually. Make sure you can afford it, in order to give a quality lifestyle for her.

3. Are you in a space that is cat-friendly/ that can be turned into one?

Apart from time and money, the next crucial aspect is living space. Your house must have some space for her bed, scratch post, and litter box. These are the minimal requirements.

4. Are you willing to care for her in all ways?

You need to involve yourself in the cat routine. Taking your cat for outdoor walks, cleaning her, feeding her, playing with her, taking her to the vet, and going by her whims is something you should be in a position to do. For example, you need to try to stay in your house without changing or shifting from your residence because it may stress your cat.

I hope your cat confusion is now resolved and you will be able to decide about owning one. All the best to cattying… 😊


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