10 Things Every Cat Parent Can Relate To...

10 Things Every Cat Parent Can Relate To...

While there are people who love all kinds of animals, but when asked about cats, they wrinkle their nose and give an extreme opinion about them. Often people have fun while looking at the cat videos, but when they are asked to have a cat as a pet, the answer is a big 'No.' The cats are infamous for their weird behaviors and late-night yowling and many more things.

But there is also something about the cats that only can understand. Some things are adorable, while others are disgusting. But together with all these things that every cat parent relates to, they also enjoy the cat ownership. Read on some things that only a cat parent can understand, relate, wrinkle their nose at, and enjoy at the same time.

1. Cat hair? What's that?

Initially, when we bring a cat into the house, people take care to remove all the traces of white fur from the black clothing. But at some point, of time, they stop doing so. The cat becomes a part of the family, and people don't mind wearing cat hair anywhere on the clothes or the furniture because it's a sweet reminder of the cat at home. It feels that your cat is always with you, which is kind of sweet.

2. Cat Kisses –

Do you know that a cat kisses and it's an actual kiss? Well, cats can kiss very subtly and sometimes their kisses are easy to miss. How do you know that a cat is kissing you? Cats can kiss you by giving a slow blink with their eyes. Ooh, so cute!! This slow cat kiss blink is enough to tell us that the Kitty is comfortable and relaxed and shows her pleasure across the room. 

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3. Cats love gift boxes –

An expensive gift for a cat? Pick up any gift, whether a soft bed or an organic cotton pillow or soft Kitty size pillows or even a catnip, but as soon as you unwrap the box and show it to your cat, the next thing you see is that the box is more appreciated than the gift itself. Cats love boxes more than the gift in them. 

4. Cat butts in the face -

How else to say it. Cats can get very close and personal to their cat parents and often stick their butts in their faces. But it's their way of showing that she likes you and wants to be with you. So, cat owners don't mind being cat-butted. It rather makes them feel proud.

5. Cat in the lap –

We are sitting in the most uncomfortable position, but it doesn't matter at all. Because we have a cat that is all curled up in your lap and purring away happily. With a cat in the lap, a cat parent can sit in one position for hours.

6. Toilet paper fun – 

Kitties love the toilet paper roll and love to see you struggle in the loo without it. Think about this. They love to play and tear the toilet paper into bits and pieces, which, of course, are not usable. So, hide the paper rolls away.

7. Wham! Goes down something 

Cats go weird at times, throwing things off the tables. Why? Just like that. Want to break something, then place it on the table for the cat to do the needful. Otherwise, place lovely flowers that will adorn the table and save your things from being shoved away by that naughty Kitty.

8. Shh!! Cat is asleep 

You know when to keep quiet because your cat is snoozing away for 'hours.' Cats can sleep for one to three hours consistently. That's the only time when you can look forward to having a happy time ahead with your cat involving her in the daily exercise and playing routine.

9. Oops! Where's the poop?

Many times you are surprised to find a clean litter box. And sometimes you realize that your cat is pooping away somewhere else in the house. Cats love to poop somewhere else, maybe in a box, depending on their mood. So happy tracking that poop.

10. My cat, my boss –

Your cat knocks things over, sits on your lap, or even on your laptop, meows continuously for your attention, sleeps on your favorite chair, and you simply can't tell her anything. While you simply adore her antics, you know that she is the 'Boss.'

A cat parent can relate to not just these ten things but thousands of instances that make then fondly realize that they are parents to a furry ball, who loves to keep you on your toes.



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