10 reasons why you should be that crazy cat lady!

10 reasons why you should be that crazy cat lady!

Often single women are described as crazy cat ladies by their detractors. It’s a cultural norm to put down single women who are just good at what they do. It’s high time you turn that pejorative into an empowering weapon of choice against society. Go be that crazy cat lady, totally!

Here’s why you should gladly embrace your inner feline lover:

Cats aren’t needy like your ex. They won’t need reassuring texts or emotional labour from you. They are totally capable of taking care of their issues. Heck, they even cover their poop, so no toilet seat conversations needed.

Cats won’t cheat on you unless you let them. Yep. If your cat is an indoor-outdoor cat, he may become friends with your neighbor or secretly get treats from other people. But if your cat is an indoor cat, then he will be just as mobile as you allow him to be. He will be happy birdwatching from the window sill.

Cats cuddle. You can wake up next to your cat for the rest of his cat life, and every day you will find him cuddled up next to you. That’s some next-level commitment right there. Few humans are capable of this kind of loyalty.

Cats are cute. There can absolutely be no debates on how cute cats are. Even if you do not get a cat, you can spend hours watching cats on the internet. And since your social media feed is anyway full of cats, why not get one yourself?

Cats can guess your mood. You do not have to verbalise everything with cats. They are very smart animals who happen to be experts at reading body language. If you’re sick, your cat will know. If you’re low, your cat will know and act accordingly.

Cats comfort you. If you’re sick or gloomy, trust your cat to try and lift your mood. Cats have been known to do various actions like kneading, licking, purring and cuddling to comfort their humans when they are in physical pain or emotional distress.

Cats give you space. They are animals who love their own space. They know when to leave you alone and they will never invade your personal space, unless you’re working on your laptop or if your cat is hungry at 3 am.

Cats are always with you. When you’re at home, your cat will mostly be by your side, not in a creepy way. He will keep his distance but make sure that you’re in his range of vision. If you’re in the washroom, he will sit outside, if you’re working in the kitchen, he will keenly observe the process of preparing dinner. He is the perfectly well-mannered companion who is always present but never imposing his presence.

Cats adapt well. Unlike popular belief, cats do adapt well to changed circumstances & surroundings, if you make a genuine effort to comfort him. They can move houses without any complaints and adjust quite well to new places.

Cats are fun! This is one relationship which will never run out of fun times. You will never miss the good old days because every day spent with your cat is a blissful day. There will be no awkward silences or passive-aggressive shenanigans. You may sport a few scratches and lumps of cat hair on your clothes, but you will never be bored in the feline company.

Cats keep you company. He will curl up next to you while you watch TV. He will watch your favourite show with you and won’t demand to change the channel. He will tirelessly binge on Youtube cat videos with you. He leaves you alone but he also yearns for your company.

Cats do not demand much. Their expectations from humans are quite low, food, water, cuddles and a safe clean space. Even after spending years with the same cat, their expectations of you will not change.

Cats are not possessive. You are free to bring more cats or any other pets at home. Your cat may get jealous initially as cats are territorial animals, but eventually, he will mingle with his new friends and settle right in. 

Cats are clean. Cleanliness will never be an issue in your relationship with your feline. They meticulously clean themselves after every meal and prefer to live in a clean house, just like you do.

Cats don’t judge. Your cat won’t judge you if you’re a sloppy cat parent. If you got late at work, give him a treat along with dinner and he will be happy. If you missed a vet visit, he won’t frown. He will always love you back no matter what.

Go and get a cat today if you need some unselfish love. We have got everything that will keep your cat happy. Make your wishlist now!


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