10 perfect gift ideas for your cat-lover friend.

10 perfect gift ideas for your cat-lover friend.

If you happen to have a best friend who’s crazy about cats and is a cat parent, gifting him or her on her birthday automatically becomes easier. Cat parents would love and accept any gift that has to do with their fur babies. Here are some of the perfect gift ideas for your friend.

This perfectly cozy pet sofa cum bed

Teddy Cushion Basket Bed                                                             Shop now

This comfortable cushiony bed is the perfect place for cats to lounge on for hours. It looks almost as cute a cat and is a very pretty addition to anyone’s home. This Friendship Day, gift this to your friend and wow them with some pawsome love!

This incredibly aesthetic litter box

Large Igloo Shaped Enclosed Toilet                                                            Shop now

This large Igloo shaped enclosed toilet for indoor cats, traps foul smell, gives cats privacy while taking care of their business and looks like a piece of modern art. Give your friends this unique indoor litter solution and show them that you care.

 Yet another cat bed that takes after the hamburger

                                                               Shop now

Cats love being inside enclosed things, like boxes, cupboards. So why not give them a special experience while they sleep? This Hamburger Bun Cat Bed keeps a cat warm and comfy and gives them a space of their own. Available with a zipper or button option, it will make your bestie’s new kitty feel safe and secure.

 This super intelligent treat shaker

Treat ShakerShop now

The Treat Shaker is the perfect interactive treat dispenser for a pet! This unique innovation doubles up as a toy and treat dispenser keeping cats fit and healthy. Gift your friend the enjoyment of watching their cat play for hours. All they have to do is fill up the treat shaker with treats and wait for magic to happen.

This very pretty water fountain

Automatic Electric Flower Fountain Water Dispenser                                                                  Shop now

Cats love drinking water from a running water source. That’s why they keep drinking from the bathroom faucet. You can help your friend discipline their cat by gifting them this water fountain for cats, which, as the name suggests, is a portable water fountain, available in green & blue colours.

This smart cat feederPetfun Automatic Smart Pet Feeder                                                                 Shop now

Most housecats are found to be heavier than they ought to be, primarily due to lack of exercise and also because human parents do not understand how much to feed their cat. Let your friends control their cat’s diet, even when they are away. This Automatic Smart Pet Feeder lets a cat parent access it remotely through a smartphone and feed their cats from time to time, instead of a full bowl at once.

This window perch bed

Cat Window Perch Bed

Shop now

Cats love their view outside the house. If your friend does not have a balcony or a nicer window sill for their cat to sit at, you can gift them this perfect solution to their accommodation problem. This Cat Window Perch Bed can be affixed to a glass window and suspended from it, giving indoor cats a picture-perfect uninterrupted view of the outside world, at all times.

These adorable dragon hoodies

Dragon Cat Costumes

Shop now

Gift your friends these cute dragon costumes for their cats. It will keep the kitties warm and also lend them an adorable dragon look. Click a few photos of the cat in the costume, upload them on social media and watch the love pour in.

This totally essential mouse dangle wooden rod

Mouse Dangle Wooden Rod Rope Toy                                                                             Shop Now

Help your friends bond with their cats and have more playtime. Gift them this Mouse Dangle Wooden Rod Rope Toy. It’s a good device to help a cat exercise, play, have fun, as well as bond with its human.

The kitty backpack, the other essential

Shoulders Back Front Pack Travel Bag                                                                              Shop now

The Shoulders Back Front Pack Travel Bag is the ideal way to carry a cat comfortably to the vet’s or anywhere outdoors. The adjustable buckle and pad on the strap makes it convenient to carry on one’s back. The circular front window lets the cat look outside without allowing it to escape. Well-ventilated and properly secured, this pet travel bag is the ultimate gift for your cat lover friends.

This hoodie with a kangaroo pouch

Kangaroo Pouch Cat Hoodie

Shop now

The Kangaroo Pouch Cat Hoodie is a snug sexy sweatshirt that complements your friend’s cat mania. Available in a number of colours, this hoodie symbolizes comfort and is ideal for some playtime with cats. This is a gift that all your crazy cat lady friends deserve!

These surreal LED lamps

Cheeky Cat LED Lamp

Shop now

We bet you have at least one friend who decks up her place with everything cat. The Cheeky Cat LED lamps are just the right kind of gift for her. It may be a little creepy for her cat to see lamps that look like him. But your friend will definitely love your gift!

For more cat toys and accessories, check out the rest of our product range. It’s the purrfect mix of cat love and science.


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