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Round Transparent Lockable Cat Gate door

Round Transparent Lockable Cat Gate

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4 Way Locking: Our cat flaps with dual knob-style locks offer 4-way modes:

open, locked, in-only (cat can enter but not exit) and out-only (cat can exit but not enter), to control pets in and out of your home.

Noise Reduction: The cat doors for interior doors is designed with a brush strip to reduce noise when pets comes in or out the door; Silent action will not frighten pets or disturb owner.

Beautiful Decoration for Glass Window and Door: cat door flap is transparent, so after installation on clear glass window/door, they will seems like a whole body; Ideal for installation on glass window and sliding glass door.

Fit Cats and Small Dogs: Flap size is 7.25" x 8"; Our small dog door suits all breeds of cats and some small dogs up to 6kg / 13lbs.

Durable Materials: Pet flap is made from high-quality ABS, weather-resistant, sturdy, long lasting; Robust UV stable 100% polycarbonate construction ensures a virtually unbreakable dog door.

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