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cat harness vest best Cat Harnesses and Leashes for pets
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Leash Vest Set for Cats

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1. Designed for Cats: Getting rid of the traditional chest back, this lightweight pet harness is made of soft, breathable mesh, good to use.
2. Perfect for Pet-walking: The light sponge padding protects important parts of pets, reduces impact damage, and makes every run smoothly.
3. Easy to Wear: The webbing on the back can be adjusted freely, which is easy to put on and take off, simplifying the preparation for walking the dog.
4. Easy to Clean: Easy to clean, relieves the pressure of hand washing, and can be washed directly in the washing machine.
5. Proper Size: The minimum range of neck circumference is about 20CM/7.87in. The minimum range of chest and back is 28CM/11.02in. Suitable for a weight of 2.5-10 kg. Please measure your pet size and refer to our size table before purchasing.

Name: Cat Leash and Harness Set
Material: polyester
Color: blue, gray
Rope length(about): 1.15m/45.28in
Rope thickness(about): 1cm/0.39in
Weight(about): about 60g
Size(about): the minimum range of neck circumference is 20CM/7.87in, the minimum range of chest and back is 28CM/11.02in
Suitable for weight 2.5-10 kg

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