Fur Mouse Rabbit Pet Cat Toy Feather Rainbow Ball Funny Playing Kitten
Cat Mice Toys & Feather Toys for Indoor Cats
Fur Mouse Rabbit Pet Cat Toy Feather Rainbow Ball Funny Playing Kitten
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furry mice toys
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 Furry Mice Mouse Toys Funny Small Pet with Feather Tails Toys for Cats
real fur mice cat toys with rattle
realistic mouse toy for cats

Furry Mouse Cat Toys

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The furry mouse is very adorable, funny, and delicate. It will bring a lot of enjoyment and intensity for your pets and the pets will be more agile and active. This furry mouse cat toy comes in different colorful tails, it is so cute and attractive. When the tail is wagging, your cats must be more aware or thrilled with the prey. Just imagine the cute appearance of your pets when playing with this furry mouse, you will also help but laughing. This cute furry mouse cat toy should be an ideal present for your pets.


• False mouse
• Body Length: 1.96 inches
• Width: 0.78 inches
• Tail Length: 2.36 inches
Note: We will send the color by random according to stock
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Murl Heidenreich

My cat is not the smartest on the planet. He's frequently pushing his mice under the fridge, dropping them into the toilet, or pushing them out of the window. But he loves the things, and won't really get into any other toys, so here we are, I'm buying 60 of them at a time. These mice are higher quality than the ones you get in stores, they have ears and rattlers inside, and lots of fur if your cat is the type who likes to 'groom' their mice (mine is, the freak!).

Forest Harris

These are by far the best mice toys I have ever purchase! Perfect weight for getting some serious distance when throwing. My cats love the rattle noise that these ones make, they have multiple pieces of plastic in them instead of just one piece so it makes a great noise. In the past when my cats had played with OTHER mice and have them in their mouth, I can see that the dye from the mice is getting all over there face and hands, that is not the case with these mice. All three of my kitties highly recommend these mice. Two paws up!

Malinda Witting

Excellent mice, the cat really likes, she is very happy with new toys. fast delivery. we recommend.

Kylee Crona

Our cats love them. One in particular loves to disembowel them, so they don't last very long. There's so many in the pack though, they still last a long time overall.

Hanna Kohler

For the price, i didn't expect much for these mice. My cats are exceptionally picky with toys, especially toy mice, but both of my cats absolutely love these mice!
The best thing about these mice are the variation. Each color of mice is a different size, some are skinny, some are shorter, some are fat and large. Each one also has a different level of rattling inside of them.
My cats also seem to enjoy the fur, as they are often seen running around the house with these mice in their mouth.