What Do Cats Do All Day? Cat Behavior Explained

What Do Cats Do All Day? Cat Behavior Explained

Curious about what your feline friend gets up to while you're away? Wonder no more! In this article, we'll unveil the secrets of your cat's daily routine. But be warned: your cat might not appreciate feeling like its privacy is being invaded, so it's best to read this without your furry companion nearby! ūüėČ

1. Cats sleep a lot


Cats are known for their penchant for daytime naps, snoozing anywhere from 12 to 16 hours on an average day. While the reasons behind their extended slumber are intriguing, one undeniable fact is their undeniable cuteness while doing so, as showcased in this video! So, if you struggle to rise and shine in the morning, take solace in knowing that your feline friend is likely indulging in some much-needed shut-eye after you depart. Perhaps bidding them a "Good night, sweetie" as you leave could become a comforting ritual!

2. Cats explore and hoard


Cats possess an insatiable curiosity about everything in their environment. Once you're out the door, they take a moment to ensure your absence by sniffing and listening attentively.

Once satisfied, they embark on clandestine exploration missions throughout the house. They meticulously inspect any objects left lying around or inadvertently dropped on the floor‚ÄĒlike that bottle cap you lost track of this morning.

But here's the twist...

Don't expect to find it upon your return. Cats typically maintain a secret stash of cherished items, constantly updating it with newfound treasures like that elusive bottle cap.

3. Cats hunt


Cats, descendants of formidable predators, retain their ancestral instincts despite relying on you for food. If you've installed a cat flap, granting your feline friend outdoor access, rest assured it's not just for leisurely strolls. It's likely to become a gateway for their daily hunting expeditions, a nod to their wild heritage.

Hence, it's crucial to engage in plenty of playtime and simulate hunting activities for indoor cats.

Consider purchasing a small toy mouse and enticing your cat to chase it around the house. Alternatively, for a bit more investment, there are remote-controlled, animal-like toys that you can manipulate using your smartphone, providing interactive entertainment for your feline friend.

By encouraging play, you can help your cat expend the energy accumulated during those long hours of sleep and bring some joy into its life.

4. Cats wait for you


Have you ever pondered whether your cat misses you while you're away? In all likelihood, the answer is yes.

You've probably observed your cat's behavior upon your return from work, perhaps catching them gazing out at the yard or near the garage. This longing stare is a clear indication that they're eagerly anticipating your arrival.

Isn't it heartening to know that while you're toiling away at work, there's someone eagerly awaiting your return home? Your cat desires nothing more than to be by your side, even during your busy work hours.

5. Cats get bored


Just as humans can feel boredom, so can our feline companions. When left alone frequently, your cat might start to feel a little blue without anyone to play or snuggle with.

In such instances, you might find your cat simply lounging around, lacking the stimulation of interaction. That's why it's essential to set aside time for your furry friend when you're home.

Engage in playful activities, offer affectionate cuddles, and capture those precious moments on camera. Your cat craves attention and companionship, so make sure to shower them with both regularly.

And who knows? With their charming personality, your cat could even become a sensation on Instagram, capturing the hearts of followers worldwide!


Your cat's daily routine typically revolves around sleeping, exploring, and eating. While you're busy getting ready for work and spending your day in the office, your cat is essentially living the laid-back lifestyle many of us envy.

However, don't be fooled:

Your cat longs for your presence, which is why it eagerly awaits your return and greets you warmly. When this moment arrives, be sure to indulge your cat with playtime and quality time together, showering it with the love and attention it deserves.



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