How To Keep my Cat's Hair Away From Couch Cushions

How To Keep my Cat's Hair Away From Couch Cushions

As a pet owner, you know that your furry friend likely sees your couch as a very comfortable bed. However, their shedding can leave your couch covered in loose hair, which can be particularly troublesome for people with conditions like asthma.

By the end of this article, you'll learn a few tricks to successfully avoid and remove pet hair from your couch cushions.

There are essentially two approaches to tackling this issue:

1. Removing pet hair from the furniture
2. Preventing shedding on the furniture

I'll discuss techniques for each of these approaches separately.

Ways to Keep Your Pet Hair Off Your Couch Cushion

Getting Pet Hair Off the Furniture

Removing pet hair from your couch cushions can be practical and straightforward. Here are several effective methods you can try:

Use a Lint Roller
Rolling a lint roller over your couch surface is an easy way to pick up loose pet hair. These devices are readily available at grocery stores and are gentle enough to use on clothes and even on your pet.

Use Tape
Similar to a lint roller, tape can be used to pull pet hair off your cushions. Simply press a strip of sticky tape onto the furniture, let it sit briefly, then peel it off. This method can be time-consuming as it may require multiple applications. Be cautious using this technique on painted furniture, as the adhesive might remove the paint.

Use a Damp Washcloth

A damp washcloth can easily remove pet hair from fabric surfaces. Wipe the cushions in one direction to lift the hair, making it easy to pick up by hand.

Vacuuming the Furniture
A vacuum cleaner with a detachable hose can effectively remove pet hair from your couch. Note that robot vacuums might not be as effective and could get stuck. If you experience issues with your robot vacuum, refer to troubleshooting guides for solutions.

 Preventing Shedding on Your Couch

Minimizing the amount of pet hair on your couch can also be achieved by preventing your pet from shedding on it. Here are some strategies:

Cover the Furniture
Use covers like plastic sheets or old towels to protect your couch. Towels are a better option as they are washable and can be removed when guests arrive. There are also specially designed pet covers available in stores.

Groom Your Pet
Regular grooming can significantly reduce the amount of hair your pet sheds, making it easier to keep your couch clean.

Train Your Pet to Stay Off the Furniture
Training your pet to avoid the couch altogether is another effective strategy. With consistent training, your pet can learn to stay on the floor, though you will still need to vacuum the floor regularly to manage shedding.


By applying these tips, you can keep your couch free of pet hair and enjoy a cleaner home environment.



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