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Cat Hair Removal Comb

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Time for a haircut? No, not your own—your cat's! Give your pet a helping hand with the  Cat Hair Removal Comb. This clever comb grabs loose hair from any surface, whether it's your cat or his favorite chair! The 7 long, rubber-tipped tines are spaced to efficiently remove all that pesky fur, leaving your sofa and clothing fur-free.

Material: Plastic 
Type: Cat Brush
Color: White/red/blue
Material: Plastic and Metal
Suitable for: Dogs/ cats

Designed By CatCurio

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Theresia Hyatt

I have a Maine Coon and her undercoat gets mats in it all the time. I’ve been searching for a good brush to keep her mat free and help with shedding (we have black cat fur tumble weeds all over the house). After using the brush one time all her mats are out with minimal effort, no crying or from either of us. I can’t say that it’s helped with shedding yet since I just used it. But getting the mats and tangles was so easy! Love it! As you can see from the photo she’s got a lot of hair and it’s gross but that’s what I was able to do with 5 minutes of brushing!

Janick Waelchi

I was specifically searching for a good quality grooming tool to use on my standard poodle, Gus. We normally get him groomed by our vet because he requires sedation in order to be cut. Last year, I inadvertently let him get so matted. Bad dog mom! This brush is good quality and feels good in my hand. I started brushing him in small areas and eventually was able to brush him all over his body. The metal prongs are not pokey as you might find with other grooming tools. This brush works well to prevent mats from forming on his tight curls. So now I brush him almost every night. Even if it's just for a few minutes before he gets tired of it, his hair feels really soft and slightly fluffy. We are not into the whole French poodle look, but this works really well to just keep him clean and handsome. Good brush!

Alvera Johnston

My Lilly (dog) is shedding something awful, even after brushing. Thought we'd give this a try and it works! We've gotten so much hair off of her and it's cut so much sweeping up the floors down....Thanks!!

Melvina Williamson

This works extremely well! I have a cat who leaves hair on everything he touches and has hated every other brush. This does an amazing job of getting his underfur and reduces shedding plus doesn’t hurt him at all. Easy to clean.

Kenyon Daniel

The product fully corresponds to the description, it was excellent to comb the wool of Laika.. I recommend both the product and the Catcurio all products. Cool thing is not flimsy, and most importantly my pet appreciated-it itself sets the sides. Recommend