What is the best cat food? Wet or dry?

What is the best cat food? Wet or dry?

Feeding your hungry cat is easy, but feeding it right is very important. Here is to unlock the secrets in feeding your kitten with the best food. 

“What is the best food for my cat/kittens? Wet or dry food, what do they prefer?” “What should I feed my cat, wet or dry food?” I can hear your questions!

Let us gauge both types of cat food based on some metrics.

Pros of Dry Food:

Dry food is cheap and easy to store, making it the preferable choice when it comes to your convenience. When you fill your cat feeder bowl with dry food, it can stay all along the day for your cat to graze on it whenever it feels like having a bite. Also, it is recommended for the better dental health of your cat.

Pros of Wet Food:

Naturally, due to high moisture content, wet food will keep your cat hydrated and it is easy for her to eat and digest. Thus, it will also help for better nutritional absorption by dealing with urinary tract issues. Since Proteins > Carbs content, in this food, it will improve the overall health of your kitten.

Cons in both the types:

Well, dry food may not offer the nutrients as much as wet food does. On the other hand, wet food is expensive and has less shelf life, once it's opened. Obviously, the benefits of one food are not offered by the other, which again is a con.

What they like vs they need!

Having presented the pros and cons of both kinds of food, it is a good idea to feed them with a mixed diet. Yes, that way you can give her the best of the two. So, the secret to her wellness is the below equation

Wet food + Dry food (in right proportion) = Best Diet

Beware, to decide on this based on your cat’s preference if she is a picky eater and consult with your vet for a specific diet chart based on her nutritional needs. Remember that her age also counts when you plan the diet for her. 


We can help you with the smooth switching of your cat food from wet to dry and vice versa in the next blog. Stay tuned :)

So, here is to happy cat feeding…  Catty Cheers ^^


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